Z's Drifter Pram

"Z's Drifter Prams."

The boat was designed for a special purpose in mind- floating small, calmer flowing creeks and rivers to access remote sections of water.  Primarily, the boat is used for flyfishing and as transportation between fishing spots.  I designed this boat to draft very little water, carry a large payload, and still be compact and light enough to be dragged through the woods where less than ideal launching areas exist.  The boat is compact enough to fit in the bed of a full size pickup truck.

General Specifications:
(*measurements listed in feet-inches-eighth inches) 
Centerline length fore to aft = 11-5-2
Bottom length fore to aft = 9-6-4
Around the sheer (gunwale) length = 11-6-0
Bottom width amidships = 3-9-6
Beam amidships = 5-1-0
Profile elevation amidships = 1-5-6
Capacity =400 #(+/-): 2 people, or 1 person and a really big dog
Finished weight = 170 as built

Good friend Roger Fletcher of "the Riverstouch" and I collaborated to develop a set of plans for this wonderful boat.  Roger is a longtime drift boat afficianado and author of "Drift Boats and River Dories, Their History, Design, Construction and Use."  Roger graciously offered to hand-draw the set of lines and put considerable effort in developing the three page set of plans for free-form construction.  The construction of this type of boat is outlined very well in Chapter 11 of Roger's book.

The price for the plans is $45 USD plus $8 for shipping anywhere in the continental US via USPS Priority Mail.  We will gladly send plans anywhere in the world for an additional fee to cover shipping.

Plans are available for this boat through contacting me directly via email or through Roger Fletcher at www.riverstouch.com

In addition to the plans, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Roger's book, as it will serve as a guide in the free-form boat construction technique, as well as provide historical details on the development of the drift boat as we know it today.  Z's Drifter Pram is an iteration of these designs.

Completed boats, May 2011.  The plans show details to build the hull as well as the interior appointments you see here.

Interior appointments.  The "bench style" seats are just one way to build this boat.  The seat are pinned to the seat rails and offer adjustment for comfort and weight distribution.

Note the Anchor release and dual seat backs in this boat.

The Drift Pram on the water for the first time.  The boat performs well on slow to moderate rivers in search of big trout.

This boat works well with 8 foot oars

Navigation in tight quarters is no problem for this boat in the hands of a skilled oarsman.

Plenty of room for two guys, a day's worth of gear and of course... the dog!

.....and this is what we intended for when we set out to build this boat.