Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Boat Design

At it again...

I seem to run into a periodic dilemma...  I've built several different boats over the years, and have said more than once, "this will be my last build."

Yea, right.

So, the ever-so-popular "Z's Drift Pram"  has taken on a life of its own, with folks building this boat the world over.  It is a great boat.  I cannot find a fault with it for its original intended use-medium to small sized flat rivers.  It excels.  We've put more big fish in this little boat than any of my boats combined. lots of miles on it and its only been in existence for 2 years or so.

My good friend Joe inquired about me building him one.  I ended up selling him mine.  I figured I could and would build another one. He got a bargain on the used boat and
I know he will enjoy it well.
"Z's Drift Pram", Left and the new boat, Right.

But then I got bit by the musky bug.  Started fishing larger rivers, bigger, flatter water. I eventually hung a trolling motor off the drift pram.  It was frequently two of us, fishing out of each end of the boat. Started taking more gear, and needed more room.  My 16' double-ender with transom motors poorly but has lots of room.

I have a big garage, a barn, but with farm equipment, tractors and implements, not to mention the other two boats in there... I can't have one of everything!

So here goes... I started to design a new boat- the next iteration of the drift pram.  going backwards- a scaled up version, with ex-in/out low sides, minimal rocker, huge payload, lots of room, and one that will motor even better.

I have been drawing and tweaking the design over the last few weeks.   several models into it, I am pretty close to having arrived at the design.  Should be an extremely simple build- easy as the drift pram.  No wild bends, a minimum amount of frames and cuts made to optimize the use of materials.

Rough Specs:

Sheer Length: 14'
Side Height: 21"
Bottom Width: 48"
Beam: 66"
Side profile. Wide end Left.

looks a little wonky, but I swear it is not!
 Next steps are to build a wood model from some material my good buddy roger over at provided.

Photos are a little wonky,  I was using posterboard flimsier than normal, and my 16mm lens gives a bit of wonk too.

Stay tuned. 


T.J. Brayshaw said...

Looks good! I'm envious. I'd love to build another, but haven't the time, money, or space.

Steve said...

OH Boy... can't wait! It should be awesome!